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College Prep. and Search Tips: Extracurricular Activities, Affordability, the Fit's the Thing.

*Most schools today are not looking for students who try to do a little of everything in an attempt to appear "well rounded."  Colleges want to see a passion for an activity.  They look for commitment, leadership and growth.  So, do what you enjoy and colleges will value your genuine interests.

*In the current economic climate it is important to not only consider academic safety schools but financial safety schools as well.

*Colleges have different personalities, just like people.  You want to look beyond the majors, the sports and and other tangibles to the "feel" or the personality of the school in order to determine if this is a good fit school for you.

I can turn the stressful college search and preparation/application process into an exciting personal exploration.  Learn more.  Contact me.

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