Custom College Connection, LLC
Why Custom College Connection?


One size does not fit all.  Every student has different needs with regard to a college as well as college search and application assistance.  Belinda's goal is to develop a relationship with each of her students so that she can tailor her services to their unique needs.  Whether it is finding a school which provides fantastic disability support services, or helping a student find confidence in their writing ability so they can present themselves in the best light possible through strong college essays, Belinda assesses, supports and encourages her students through the entire process.


Custom College Connection students receive a customized package which includes detailed information about what makes each school a good fit specifically for their needs, college comparison worksheets, helpful websites, college application tracking forms, interviewing and essay training material and financial aid advice.  The package material is fortified with interview training and essay writing meetings.

Custom College Connection organizational tools, such as the Application Tracking form, assist students in keeping track of every document required by each school and all of the deadlines for those documents.


Belinda continues to assist students after applications are submitted with scholarship and  financial aid information as well as assessing their college options and making that important final decision.


Students and parents receive pertinent information by email throughout the college search and application process.  They are informed of upcoming college fairs, summer opportunities, deadline reminders, standardized test dates, changing financial aid information, interesting programs, school updates and much more.